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Vanessa Hand

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My native city is La-Crosse, WI, located near the Mississippi River. I was growing up as a normal kid in a healthy family. When I thought that some things are normal for me, others were afraid of what I used to see. I could communicate with animals and deceased people. Sometimes I could hear people’s thoughts, especially when falling asleep. 

Since I wanted to build a normal life, I ignored my abilities until my mid-twentieth. It was a really important step to recognize all my abilities and share them with the world. Aside from being a medium, I am engaged in clairvoyance, medical intuitiveness, psychometry, spirit guides, animal communication, stone talking, and intuitive art. 

I try to live a normal life, raise children, and do usual activities. Recently I have noticed that my children also have these abilities. That is why I decided to help them find their path in a way I didn’t experience. I also mentor other people who have lost their abilities and want to take a deeper dive into the spiritual world. Having an urge to share my knowledge, I decided to write for the blog dedicated to psychic readings and spiritual practices. 

I have vast experience in helping people with different concerns. From giving the guidelines related to job and love affairs to connecting with the deceased loved ones. In my articles you can read, I outline all the particularities of spiritual sessions and give guidelines on how to get the most out of your psychic reading experience.

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