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If you are looking for your own way to happiness or want to solve life issues, Kasamba will help you achieve all your goals. This website caters to the needs of those who seek an additional dose of spiritual advice from real professionals. The site incorporates multiple types of readings, so you can certainly pick the niche that works for you. This Kasamba psychics review outlines the main aspects related to the features, prices, and capabilities of the site for you to make a formal decision for your psychic reading adventure. 

Facts about Kasamba

Before investing in Kasamba psychic readings, it makes sense to learn the main facts about this website. Here is the information every newcomer should learn about. 

  • Kasamba is a US-based company with a high rating and many positive real user testimonials.
  • The site was founded in 1999. 
  • The average price per minute on Kasamba is $1.69-$25.49. 
  • The platform is popular among both female and male users. 
  • You can get in touch with Kasamba psychics via chat, email, and phone. 
  • There are multiple types of psychic readings on Kasamba, so you will definitely find the best fit. 

Kasamba—Legit or scam?

Is Kasamba legit? This question concerns multiple novice users, so we will cover it in greater detail. Kasamba is a certified company based in the USA. It has been operating on the market for more than 20 years and has a high level of credibility in the industry. Kasamba scam has been identified neither in real user reviews nor expert overviews of the platform. The site functions legally and has a strict process for selecting psychic readers. All experts need to prove their skills and the ability to provide insightful services. Moreover, you can always approach a customer support team in case you have any questions or concerns. It is also possible to subscribe to the social media pages of the site. 

Kasamba pricing & discounts

Kasamba provides a moderate pricing policy. The lowest price for a session is $1.69, while the highest is $25.49. The total price depends on the level of expertise and experience of the psychic reader. The site wants to engage the users and provides generous discounts. So, if you have just joined the platform, you can expect to get 3 free minutes and 15% off for your first session. This is an excellent chance to check out the abilities of a particular expert and understand whether these services live up to your expectations. 

Types of readings on Kasamba 

Depending on your spiritual goals, you can choose multiple types of readings on Kasamba. On the main menu located at the top, you can browse through the following categories:

  • Psychic readings—Aura reading, remote viewing, crystal readings, rune casting, pet psychics, mediumship
  • Love psychics—Relationships & divorce, parents & children, cheating & affairs, single & dating, gay & lesbian friendly, marital life, soulmate connection
  • Fortune telling
  • Dream analysis
  • Career forecasts
  • Numerology
  • Occult practices
  • Palm readings
  • Paranormal
  • Intimacy
  • Past life reading
  • Eastern philosophy 

Based on numerous Kasamba reviews, the site is popular thanks to a bevy of psychic readings available on the site. So choose what interests you and start an exciting journey into the spiritual world!

Vanessa Hand
Psychic Expert
I have vast experience in helping people with different concerns. From giving the guidelines related to job and love affairs to connecting with the deceased loved ones. In my articles you can read psychiccityofangels.com, I outline all the particularities of spiritual sessions and give guidelines on how to get the most out of your psychic reading experience.