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17 reviews

Psychic Life Coach

17 reviews

Amanda is a third-generation psychic reader and advisor who specializes in all aspects of life, including love, success, chakra balancing, and reuniting loved ones. She uses her natural-born gift to provide guidance and solutions to her clients' questions and problems. Amanda's clients appreciate her direct and honest approach and her commitment to helping them find clarity and peace of mind.

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Types of Reading

Breakup & divorce
Career Psychic
Clairvoyant Psychic
Energy Healer
Family issues
Friends & social life
Intuitive Psychic
LGBTQ relationships
Life Path Psychic
Lost Objects Psychic
Love Psychic
Pet Psychic
Psychic Medium
Relationship Psychic
Soulmate Psychic Reading
Spirituality & psychic ability

Skills and Tools

Dream interpretation
Life coaching
Love Tarot Reading
No Tools Psychic
Psychic Reading by Crystal
Tarot Card Reading


Amanda is a highly acclaimed psychic who has been sharing her gift of guidance and clairvoyance with clients around the world for over a decade. As a third-generation psychic reader and advisor, Amanda has a natural-born gift that she uses to answer questions and provide solutions to all matters of life.

Amanda specializes in all aspects of life, including past, present, and future. She has a particular expertise in matters of love and success, twin flames, chakra balancing, reuniting loved ones, and guiding her clients through every step of life’s journey. She can provide guidance on relationships, love, compatibility, career decisions, family matters, and much more.

But Amanda doesn’t just provide answers, she also offers solutions. She uses her spirit guides to help her clients navigate any situation they may be facing in their lives. Whether they want to know how their partner truly feels, if they are soulmates, or if they will find their dream job, Amanda can help provide the answers they seek.

Amanda’s clients appreciate her direct and honest approach, as she tells them exactly what they need to hear. She is committed to helping her clients find the clarity and peace of mind they need to move forward in their lives.